亚博app手机版:明尼阿波利斯湖人创始人Sid Hartman逝世,享年100岁
明尼阿波利斯湖人亚博app手机版创始人Sid Hartman逝世,享年100岁

Tiger Fight, October 19, according to StarTribune, the famous sports columnist and founder of the Minneapolis Lakers, the predecessor of the Los Angeles Lakers, Sid Hartman, died today at the age of 100.

著名的体育专栏作家和明尼阿波利斯湖人的创始人,洛杉矶湖人的前身西德·哈特曼(Sid Hartman)于10月19日宣布与老虎搏斗,今天去世,享年100岁。

Sid Hartman helped the Detroit Gems relocate to Minneapolis and changed its name to the Lakers.

席德·哈特曼(Sid Hartman)帮助底特律宝石公司迁往明尼阿波利斯,并将其更名为湖人队。

As the de facto general manager of the Minneapolis Lakers, Sid Hartman helped the team win the NBA championship 6 times during his tenure (the official record is 5 times).

作为明尼阿波利斯湖人队的事实上的总经理,西德·哈特曼(Sid Hartman)在任期内帮助球队赢得了6次NBA冠军(官方记录是5次)。

Many NBA players expressed their nostalgia for Sid Hartman on Twitter:


Timberwolves center Karl-Anthony Towns wrote: "RIP, legend @Sid Hartman"

森林狼中心的卡尔·安东尼·汤亚博app手机版斯(Karl-Anthony Towns)写道:“ RIP,传说@Sid Hartman”

Grizzlies guard Tyus Jones wrote: "RIP, the legend and icon of Minnesota, Sid Hartman."

灰熊队的后卫Tyus Jones写道:“ RIP,明尼苏达州的传奇人物Sid Hartman。”

Nets guard Jamal Crawford wrote: "RIP, Sid Hartman, legend."

网队后卫贾马尔·克劳福德写道亚博手机版app:“ RIP,西德·哈特曼,传奇。”

Sid Hartman was born on March 15, 1920. Starting from selling newspapers on the street in 1928, Sid Hartman wrote sports content for StarTribune in the following decades. Until his death, he maintained the frequency of writing three columns a week. His last article was published on the day of his death.

席亚博手机版app德·哈特曼(Sid Hartman)生于1920年3月15日。从1928年在大街上卖报纸起,席德·哈特曼(Sid Hartman)在随后的几十年里为《星际亚博手机版app论坛》撰写体育内容。直到他去世,他一直保持每周写三栏的频率。他的最后一篇文章发表于他去世的那一天。

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