Bayern chairman Rummenigge said in an interview with Sky Sports that after the deal with Liverpool was concluded, Thiago cried in his arms for five minutes.

拜仁董事长鲁梅尼格(Rummenigge)在接受Sky Sports采访时表示,与利物浦的交易达成后,蒂亚戈怀抱了五分钟。

Rummenigge said: "Last Thursday, the deal between us and Liverpool was completed. When I came to the team, in the parking lot, Thiago was standing where I often parked. Thinking'what is he doing here?' then he walked up to me and cried in my arms for five minutes, just simply saying'thank you very much for allowing me to do this'."


"Tiago is a very good person and has always been Bayern Munich's first-rate player. I was very happy for him in the UEFA Champions League in Lisbon. He has been questioned because it is often thought that he cannot be played in major matches. Excellent performance, but in these few Champions League games in Lisbon, he proved his ability. His departure is a huge loss for us, but it is also a manifestation of his personal wisdom. We still respect his desire The idea of ​​trying new things. His contract is the same as Alaba, and it will expire in one year. Of course, every club does not want such a player to leave in vain. We have considered carefully and agreed with his idea."


"The way he says goodbye to all team employees and players is unbelievable. I also have tears in my eyes because I have always had a good relationship with him. You often meet him at the training base and have dinner with him at night. Kind of, what we have established with him is almost a family relationship. Whether we understand him from the perspective of a player or an ordinary person, he is a very good person."


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