亚博app手机版:曝加纳当红国脚奥苏乌今冬转投上港 或替代胡尔克?


Reported by Wang Xiaorui, All Media Reporter of Sports Weekly


Ghana winger Osou is really coming to SIPG? Two weeks ago, there was news that it was Saudi Arabia’s Jeddah Ahli and UAE Al Ain who were more interested in Ossu, and even the latter had planned to make the first offer for it. But according to "Ghana Football Net" October 2 news: Ossuu's closest team is Shanghai SIPG. The media even claimed that "Samuel Osou will replace the forward Hulk of Shanghai SIPG this winter."

加纳边锋奥苏真的要来参加SIPG吗?两周前,有消息称,沙特阿拉伯的吉达·阿赫利(Jeddah Ahli)和阿联酋的艾因(UAE Al Ain)对奥苏(Ossu)更加感兴趣,甚至后者也计划对此进行首次报价。但据“加纳足球网” 10月2日消息:奥苏的最接近的球队是上海SIPG。媒体甚至宣称,“塞缪尔·奥苏(Samuel Osou)将于今亚博手机版app年冬天取代上海SIPG的绿巨人”。

Osuwu had been rumored with SIPG a long time ago. In early September, it was reported that he was photographed by many Asian powerhouses, including SIPG, Al Ain, Qatar, two giants Thad and Duhail, as well as Jeddah Ahli in Saudi Arabia. In terms of his career resume, Ossou has travelled through Serbia, Turkey and Saudi Arabia. Although he is only 24 years old, he has rich experience in overseas leagues. He is also a member of the active Ghana national team. If nothing happens, he will represent the African powerhouse next week and will play in the team's warm-up matches against Mali and Qatar.

Osuwu很久以前就有关于SIPG的传闻。据报道,9月初,他被许多亚洲强国拍摄,包括SIPG,艾因,卡塔尔,两家巨头Thad和Duhail以及沙特阿拉伯的吉达·阿赫利(Jeddah Ahli)。就他的职业简历而言,奥苏曾穿越塞尔维亚,土耳其和沙特阿拉伯。尽管他只有24岁,但他在海外联赛中拥有丰富的经验。他还是活跃的加纳国家队成员。如果没有任何反应,他将在下周代表非洲强国,并将参加该队与马里和卡塔尔的热身赛。

According to "Ghana Football Net", Ossu is very close to SIPG this time. "Ossou has been in a'queuing' state to replace the 34-year-old Brazilian star Hulk. He has announced that he will be Leaving the Chinese Super League at the end of the month. Shanghai SIPG has been tracking the talented winger, but due to the Chinese Super League’s maximum number of foreign players, the club was forced to postpone the signing of Owusu.” The media also claimed that Hulk Leaving in December will prompt the club to strengthen its acquisition plan for the Ghanaian player. He is currently playing in the Saudi League. "This club is going to bring the Ghanaian star to the Shanghai Stadium this winter." From the position of the boss, like Hulk, Ossu is also the main right winger.

根据“加纳足球网”的报道,奥苏这次与SIPG非常接近。 “奥索一直处亚博手机版app于“排队”状态,以取代现年34岁的巴西球星绿巨人。他宣布将在本月底离开中国超级联赛。上海SIPG一直在跟踪这位才华横溢的边锋,但由于中国超级联赛的外籍球员人数最多,该俱乐部被迫推迟与奥乌苏的签约。”媒体还声称,12月的绿巨人离开将促使俱乐部加强其对加纳球员的收购计划,他目前正在沙特联赛中比赛。“该俱乐部将在今年冬天将加纳球星带到上海体育场。”从老板的位置,就像绿巨人一样,奥苏也是主要的右路球员。

It is understood that Owusu has one and a half years left in the contract with Saudi Feha, which means that it is almost impossible for him to achieve a free transfer. But compared to Hulk, Oscar and other tens of millions of euro-level players, Owusu is definitely a bargain. When he transferred from Serbia to the Saudi Arabian League in August last year, Owusu was worth only 1.5 million euros. In the 2019-2020 season in the Saudi Arabian League, his competitive state is also quite good, scoring 7 goals and 2 assists in 28 appearances, but Feha was finally relegated by 1 point.


As for whether the Ghanaian media's revelations are credible? Up to now, SIPG Club has not made any statement. It is reported that Ossu is indeed seeking a transfer, and he is eager to leave Feha to join a strong team that is stronger and even expected to compete in the AFC. And one of the intermediaries responsible for the operation happens to be the legendary star Ji An who has played for Al Ain and SIPG.

至于加纳媒体的说法是否可信?截至目前,SIPG俱乐部尚未发表任何声明。据报道,Ossu确实在寻求调动,他渴望离开Feha加入一支更强大甚至甚至有望参加亚足联比赛的强大团队。负责这项行动的中间人之一,就是为Al Ain和SIPG效力的传奇明星Ji An。

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