Original title: LCK English stream commentary LS prediction group match: LPL and LCK all qualify


Recently, with the end of the 2020 League of Legends Global Finals, all the participating teams and groupings in the group stage have been released. At the same time, it is precisely because there are LPL teams in the four groups of the current global finals group stage. To a certain extent, the group stage of this global finals is naturally more exciting. Therefore, just after the grouping situation appeared in the group stage, which two teams in each group can appear smoothly has naturally become a topic of intense discussion among most LPL fans.


In recent days, LS from the LCK English streaming commentary also analyzed the prediction of qualifying for the group stage. It is worth mentioning that many LPL fans may not be familiar with this commentary LS. But in fact, he is a leader in the League of Legends community and holds multiple roles at the same time. At the same time, he also served as the coach of the BBQ team in the LCK division, and was the first Western coach introduced by the LCK in the history of League of Legends e-sports. Therefore, to a certain extent, LS still has a certain say in the various strategies of League of Legends professional events. In addition, in the previous two BO5 games of LGD in the global finals, LS also predicted success in all of them, and even the two 3-0 results were predicted.


As for the group stage of the current global finals, LS is very good at LPL and LCK teams, and LS also believes that in the group stage, LPL and LCK can also qualify. On the contrary, the European and American teams, only the G2 team can qualify. The following is his prediction of the qualifying situation of each group:


Group A: SN, G2




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